Improve your child’s immunity system, Stay away from antibiotics

While the western approach for most common illnesses is usually antibiotics or injection, unfortunately, they have with them side effects that remain in the children’s body for a long period of time. BAOMA adopts the core concept of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) “preventing disease before disease” through various TCM therapies including acupoint massage, moxibustion, herbal medical mask treatments and more. This greatly enhances the children’s metabolism and immune system. And it is a much greener, non-invasive and healthier way for children to grow up and develop their physical and emotional bodies.

According to the different causes and symptoms of the disease, our Physicians and therapists would perform the precise required techniques, based on the Chinese medicine theory of yin and yang, five elements, meridians and more.

There are several benefits of TCM Pediatric Care:

  1. Affordable and economical
  2. Easy to master
  3. Safe and reliable technique
  4. Significant effects after treatment

Besides providing TCM Pediatric Care, BAOMA’s prenatal and postnatal care also allows mummy(s) to get recharge and their body conditions restored after giving birth. BAOMA plays an important part for women to regain their strength and to maintain their health as they adjust to life with their new baby.

Our Founder

Ms. Queenie Yang

Having a passion of Traditional Chinese Medicine since growing up, Queenie has been an advocate of promoting Chinese medicine as an alternative approach to common diseases and maintenance of the physical body. Being a mother of two herself, she has witnessed how her own health has improved significantly through the postnatal care she received from bearing her second child in her late 30’s. It was not an easy period for her, but the dedicated and professional postnotum services she received had enabled her body and mind to get recharged and restored in a shorter period of time so that she could get back to her normal routines. Inspired by the idea of a better and more holistic care for every woman after giving birth, as well as for every child to stay away from antibiotics and injections, Queenie founded BAOMA for both mummy and baby to come together to improve and restore their sub-health conditions to their optimum levels.

Our Aim

  • To promote TCM Culture and to continuously innovate and develop on our services.
  • To provide a more holistic care for our children’s health, away from antibiotics.
  • To shape hot and beautiful moms by providing pre & postnatal care tailored to their personal needs.