JL Institution

Established in late 2014, J L Institution has formed extensive industrial and professional networks with various companies and international bodies to create the best opportunity for our students to develop their capabilities to the maximum.

Currently, we offer over 40 professional courses in beauty & wellness therapy. These courses give individuals who have the passion and interests in gaining the skills set in beauty & wellness industry as a great opportunity to kick-start their journey. We work hand in hand with professional instructors from various recognised beauty institutions to conduct courses and training to provide our students with the best skills.

On top of that, J L Institution also provides opportunity for passionate students to join our affiliate companies after completion of their courses with us. This allows the graduated students an excellent opportunity to sharpen their skills and expose themselves in the beauty & wellness industries.

Looking forward, J L Institution aims to become the leading and most sought after Beauty and Wellness Training Academy where we venture into a bigger market and offer a variety and wider range of beauty courses to our students.